PI 7.1 Certification Questions


21.  What are the TCodes for configuring the BPE



22.  The purpose of targets in SLD.

23.  How is the AbstractTrace object obtained in the UDF.

  1. Using the container object.

  2. Using the globalcontainer object

  3. Other options…

24.  True statements about context w.r.t to the UDF.

a.       Context can have 1 or more queues [This was the wrong option]

25.  Multiple mapping steps between interfaces are defined in

a.       Operation Mapping, where one can mention the mapping program name

b.      Message Mapping, where one can mention the type of mapping used.

26.  What are the attributes that are set in Tuning category while processing the messages?



27.  In Asynchronous to Synchronous bridge. What is the transition of the QoS in the message header?

  1. BE-EO

  2. BE-EOIO

  3. EO-BE

  4. EO-EOIO

28.  If there is simple one to one mapping in the graphical editor. While testing it is found that given one element in the source structure. There are 3 target elements with the same value. What might be the reason?

  1. The source element has minoccurs=3

  2. The source element has maxoccurs=3

  3. The target element has minoccurs=3

  4. The target element has maxoccurs=3

29.  What does the container step do.

  1. Increment a variable

  2. Remove a message from a list of messages

  3. Append message to the multiline message element

30.  What are the objects that can be accessed by the Integration Process.

  1. All the objects of the ESR

  2. All the objects that are present in the namespace of the corresponding Integration Process

  3. All the objects of the SWC that the integration process is part of.

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