PI 7.1 Certification Questions


31.  What is benefit of going for message mapping over XSLT mapping in most of the scenarios during development?

  1. Performance wise message mapping is better as it uses queues. If large message structures are to be processed it can done faster whereas XSLT uploads the whole structure into the memory and consumes lot of space.

  2. Message Mapping is easy to use compared to XSLT. [I hope this is the right choice]

  3. Message Mapping has graphical interface so knowledge of programming is not required.

32.  What are the lookups provided by PI7.1

  1. JDBC Lookups

  2. RFC Lookups

33.  Message Mapping has the ability to access the Application system. What is the purpose of this

  1. To make use of the already present message patterns in the application system

  2. To read the data from the persistent layer

34.  What is BPE?

  1. It is the replacement of Business Workflow

  2. It is the enhancement of the Business Workflow

35.  Mention the true statements regarding buffering and non-buffering of the process integration.

36.  What are the steps in the BPE that can throw errors…

37.  The BPE is set but in the SXMB_MONI_BPE you are not able to see any messages. The SXI_CACHE shows for that particular run version that status is not green. What will you do?

  1. Check the activation log

  2. The customizing of the BPE is not complete (SWF_XI_CUSTOMIZING)

  3. Activate the trace (SWELS)

38.  The sequence in which the mapping programs can be written.

  1. In any way it can be written. i.e. XSLT and then Java mapping…

  2. First should be XSLT only

  3. Some other restrictions… am not able to recall

39.  What is a software component?

40.  How is the content based routing achieved?

a.       Using context objects/XPath in the condition editor.

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