ABAPTM Interview Questions

Thanks to all contributors for these questions.

  1. What is the meaning of ABAPTM editor integrated with ABAPTM data dictionary?
  2. What are the events in ABAPTM language?
  3. What is an interactive report? What is the obvious difference of such report compared with classical type reports?
  4. What is a drill down report?
  5. How do you write a function module in SAP®? Describe.
  6. What are the exceptions in function module?
  7. What is a function group?
  8. How are the date and time field values stored in SAP®?
  9. What are the fields in a BDC_Tab Table?
  10. Name a few data dictionary objects?
  11. What happens when a table is activated in DD?
  12. What is a check table and what is a value table?
  13. What are match codes? Describe?
  14. What transactions do you use for data analysis?
  15. What is table maintenance generator?
  16. What are ranges? What are number ranges?
  17. What are select options and what is the diff from parameters?
  18. How do you validate the selection criteria of a report? And how do you display initial values in a selection screen?
  19. What are selection texts?
  20. What is CTS and what do you know about it?

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