Creating Equipment Task List

Description: Need for an LSMW to create equipment task list. 

Method suggested in creating an LSMW would be in the following order:

  • Use a standard BAPI if available
  • Standard input batch program if available
  • Recording
  • Standard direct input program

 In other words if a standard BAPI is not available check to see if there is a standard batch input program that could be used to produce the desired results.  If there isn’t a standard batch input program then opt for the method of recording.  The LAST method to use in developing a new LSMW is the standard direct input program. 

Please note that no field should have a hard-coded value. All values have to be accepted from the input file. 

Steps to create equipment task list:

1.      Go to transaction IA01 (Create equipment task list)

2.      Enter the equipment and key date (F4 functionality could be used here).


3.      Click on “Task list”.


4.      Click on “New Entries”. 

5.      Enter the following values:

·        Short Text

·        Work Center

·        Plant

·        Usage

·        Planner Group

·        Status

·        Inspection Points


6.      Click on “Operation”.

7.      Enter the following input fields on this screen:

·        Operation

·        Work Center

·        Plant

·        Control Key

·        Short Text

·        Labor hours

·        Unit of work

·        Normal Duration

·        Unit of Normal Duration

·        Activity Type 

8.      Press SAVE.


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