Authorization checks for HR custom programs

by Namitha C

Following are the various methods to achieve  authorization checks in HR Custom programs:

  • Use function module "HR_READ_INFOTYPE" instead of direct SELECT
    statements when reading a specific infotype.
  • Use logical database PNP to leverage SAP authorizations (Performance can be slow)
  • SELECT statements should only be used when the SAP documented data
    interfaces which incorporate the SAP authorization checks (Logical DataBases, function modules, and BAPI's) cannot provide the functionality required. If it is necessary to use SELECT's, then you must perform your own  AUTHORITY-CHECK on the data selected.
  • Place a strict authorization group at the program (transaction)
    level. If a wide variety of data for a large group of individuals is
    needed in a single program, then this program must have a very strict
    authorization on who can run it


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