Adding new field on the dynamic selection-screen

By Joyjit Ghosh

Most of us observe that whenever a logical database is attached with a report, it automatically adds dynamic selection screen button on the report selection screen. 

Ex: Transaction FBL1N


If we click on this button, it will open up a separate selection screen that can be dynamically adjusted based on the fields you choose from the left hand side folders (Function groups). 


Now our requirement is to add new field in the left hand side folder (as well as in the selection screen) that is not present currently. 

First, we need to know the name of the logical database that is attached with the program.


In case of FBL1N, program name is RFITEMAP.

Go to the program’s attribute screen to know the logical database name. In our case it is KDF.


Now go to transaction SE36 and choose the menu Extras → Selection Views.


In the next screen, select Origin of view: SAP and Name of view: STANDARD, and click Display button. 



This is the view that SAP uses to generate the dynamic selection screen. 

Here three functional groups of fields those are available in the dynamic selections. 

01 Vendor Master

02 Company code

03 Document  

Each functional group contains fields from the tables that are listed on the right side (LFA1, ADDR1_VAL, etc). The field which is assigned to a functional group will be available in left hand side of the dynamic selection screen under the folder with name of the function group. Notice that for every field assigned to a functional group, there is a “Preselect” checkbox on the right. This checkbox indicates whether the relevant field should be directly available for selection. 

As we want to extend the SAP-delivered dynamic selections with new fields, so we must create our own selection view. This view will have CUS as the Origin, and must be named STANDARD. To create such a view, simply use the Copy button on the top of the screen, and copy the SAP delivered view to a CUS view. 


Once the customer-defined view is created then go to change mode and add new fields in the functional group.  

In this case we have added the field NAME1 in functional group Vendor master (01).

Now save the view , go back to the transaction and open the dynamic selection screen. You can see the new field NAME1 is added in it. 


How it works?

When a selection view with origin CUS (customer) and name STANDARD exists, and is assigned to a logical database, then this view takes precedence over the SAP-defined view. When such a view does not exist for a particular logical database, then the selection view SAP – STANDARD is used to determine the dynamic selections.

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