Getting Object ID as checkbox in the F4 help on the selection screen

By Sai Kumar, Enteg

Here I would like to explain how we can get input OBJID as check box in selection screen.

TABLES : hrp1001.
DATA : subrc TYPE sysubrc.
SELECT-OPTIONS : so_obj_o FOR hrp1001-objid NO INTERVALS.

PARAMETERS: pchplvar LIKE pchdy-plvar NO-DISPLAY,
LIKE pchdy-otype NO-DISPLAY.
INCLUDE rhxmacro.

  pchplvar  = 
  pchotype  = 
'O'." "O" is org unit "S" is for position etc..


*--F4 help for OBJID
  rhx-f4-objid-low pchplvar pchotype so_obj_o 
'' ''.

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