Insert data into database tables without coding

By Vikram Chellappa, Mouri Tech Solutions

Go to SE16N transaction code. 


Following screen appears: 


Now you enter the table name ex: “MARA “, if u wants to insert the values. 

Transaction will look like this.


Now here you enter the transaction code “ &SAP_EDIT ”. 


Press enter.

The page will be displayed like this.


Then click on execute button. 


The page will be like this:

Now here I would like to change some data.

Here we can do any operation in application tool bar.

Enter values

And click on save button.  


We can see the changes in the database tables (MARA).

Go to SE11 and verify the changes made. 


Update added on 1st March 2012 

By Mansoor Ahmed, KESC Limited

The above option can be restricted by applying the note 1420281

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