Maintain table entry as checkbox in the transaction SM30

By Joyjit Ghosh, IBM India

Scenario: To maintain a field as a checkbox in the transaction SM30 (as shown below)


Create a domain for the field that you want to display as checkbox in SM30, with values “X” and “ “ (blank). Or you can use an existing domain as well with the same values.

 Now create a data element with this domain.

 Use this data element to define the field in the actual table.

 Now create table maintenance generator for this table.

Now maintain table entries from transaction SM30. In this case field ‘STATUS’ will be displayed as check box.


 SE16-Table content (Before data change):

 Now set the check box for any record to test that data (“X”) is updating in the underlying database table correctly.

 SE16-Table content (After data change):

As shown in the above screen shot, data (“X”) is updated in the database successfully.

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