Different ways of creating Package/Development class

by Srinivas

First method:

  • Go to transaction SM30

  • Enter table name as V_TDEVC (Table where all the development classes/Packages  are stored)

  • Press Maintain.

  • Click on “Create Package”



·        Press Create.

·        Assign it to a Workbench request. 


·        The Package/Development class is created. 

Alternative Method:

This is the fastest method to create a Package/Development class.

·        Go to transaction SE80.

·        Select “Package” from the list box and enter the package name you wish to create and press ENTER.

·        You would be prompted for creation of a Package.


·        Click “Yes”.

·        Enter the short description and other details in the next dialog box.


·        Click “Create”. The Package, ZDEMO, is created.

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