SAP Code Inspector

by Raghavan

This SAP Code Inspector is a feature that has been included in the WAS based releases of SAP R/3. However this can be adopted to SAP Version 4.6C by applying the OSS note 543359.

The code inspector tests single objects or object sets( Programs, function groups, dictionary objects, classes and others) for performance, security, serviceability, error proneness and statistical information. The code inspector produces a very useful report informing the developers about the SELECT statements that bypass the buffer or the check of SY-SUBRC handling, for example.

This code inspector for single objects can be called directly from the ABAP Editor (SE38), the function builder (SE37) and the Class Builder (SE24) (menu path program(object) à check à code inspector). However if you want to test a set of objects at once, use the transaction SCI.

  1. Call transaction SCI.
  2. Define an object set. Give a meaningful name to the object set and press CREATE. There you define the set of objects you want to check.
  3. Define a check variant. Select the different tests you would like to have for your object set. The more tests you select, the longer the report will take to run, and the more output produced. You must assign a name for this “check variant” as well.
  4. Now create the inspection. Enter the name of the object set and the check variant you created in step 2 and step 3. Press EXECUTE.
  5. Now select RESULTS icon for the report.

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