Search Text(s)

by Sreedevi Palli

The standard program RPR_ABAP_SOURCE_SCAN can be used to search ABAP program code/screen logic for specific texts (strings.) This has many more options than the other programs RSRSCAN1 or RKCTSEAR.

The benefits of using this program are as follows:
1. Several texts can be entered for which the system searches. The search text should be entered without formatting characters(*,+). Only the texts are applied in the search, i.e. selection option conditions such as greater than, equal to, etc., are ignored.

2. You can restrict the search to either the program code or the flow logic of the selected screens or both the program code and the flow logic of the screens.

3. You can set the option to ignore the comments for search.

4. Found location +/- x lines: Here we can specify how many program lines before and after the found location of the search string should be included in the output.

5. We can also specify the option to search in all the includes used in the specified programs


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