Error "Statement is not accessible" when defining events in a table maintenance program

By Suresh 

In this tip, we would discuss about an error that is faced in common when defining events for a table maintenance program. 


As seen in the screenshot below, we have defined an event “Creating a new entry” and provided the subroutine name “CREATE_ENTRY”.


By clicking on the Editor Button, we have defined the following code: 


When we do the syntax check, the following error message “Statement is not accessible”:



In general, whenever we double-click on any subroutine name (in a PERFORM statement), SAP automatically proposes to create the subroutine (if doesn’t exists). On clicking YES, SAP automatically provides us with the structure of the subroutine as shown below: 

But in the case of events in table maintenance, the structure of subroutine is not created. Now let us change our code as shown below: 


Now you would observe that there are no syntax errors in the program and the include program could be activated without any issues.

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