Substitution Transaction Codes

by Chandra 

We are all aware that SAP has been updating many programs and transaction codes in every new version it releases. Sometimes the program is modified to add more functionality and sometimes a new transaction code is provided with more features when compared to the old one (For e.g., SAP Enjoy Transactions). In such cases, there is a possibility that the old transaction code is made obsolete and the users should be using the new transaction created for the same. How to know the new transaction created by SAP for a particular transaction code? 

The answer is: Database table PRGN_C ORR2 

Go to table PRGN_CORR2 using SE11. 


Click on “Contents” (CTRL+SHIFT+F10). 


Let us now check for the transactions that are replaced in SAP Version 46C. Enter 46C in the SAP Release and click EXECUTE. 


The above three transactions were replaced in version 46C.


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