A problem with System Refresh

by Joyjit Ghosh, IBM India

Problem description:

In few cases I have seen that after system refresh custom codes developed in the original system are not editable. This problem mainly happens in a landscape, which contains two parallel paths one dedicated to development and another one for maintaining the old code. After a certain point in development cycle it is important to make the 2 paths in sync with each other and that’s why we have to refresh one system by the other. And after this refresh this problem may arise. 


From the above message you can get a hint and based on it you can check the original system name of this program from the menu path (Goto à Object directory) shown below



In this case original system name is different than the current system (BSP) name. This is happened because of system refresh. As code is refreshed from BT1 to BSP; due to this original system name is also changed to BT1 from BSP. And now SAP is considering BT1 as the original system that’s why it is showing this above message and not permitting to edit the program directly. 

So to avoid this problem we need to manually change the original system from BT1 to BSP.  

Go to transaction SE03. Set the first check box and give the program name to its corresponding text box and press execute button. 


In the next screen select program entry and press the change object directory button.

In the next popup screen change the original system and press save button.


You will get the following message:


Now you can edit the program without any problem

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