Deleting TVARV entries

By Raghava Vakada, Mouri Tech Solutions 

“I would like you all to know the importance of TVARV table”. 

SAP has provided this table to avoid hard coding of constant values in programs.  TVARV table entries are transportable. 

Rules to keep in mind:

1.       We don’t want to insert TVARV entries if the data elements / values already exist in SAP.  We should build the logic to extract the necessary information from SAP.

2.       Some developers try to put such entries into TVARV table to simplify their coding efforts.  But, that is not a recommended approach.

3.       We don’t want to insert if you have several records of similar type.  Custom ‘Z’ table is an option in such case.  Eg: Activity Types & Descriptions.

4.       Good for all Constant values.  E.g: Please check TVARV table entries (with Z* on name). 

Deleting TVARV table entries. 


The following screen appears: 


Press “Change” Button. Following screen appears: 

Select the check box "Include Changed Entries in transport request"

Select your record as shown below. 


Press the Delete button. 

Press Yes in pop up screen. 

Request Pop-up would appear. Choose your request... 


Now, go to SE09 and you can find the request under Customizing Request. 


Release that Request and import into quality/production as per your requirements.

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