Drop Down List in Table Maintenance Generator

by Jitendra Soni, TCS

Introduction: Many times we have to use Drop Down list in TMG. Here is an example for having a drop down box in the table maintenance generator

Follow the below steps.  


1. First we will create a table with all the required fields.  

2. Now navigate to domain of the field for which u want a drop down. Here I am using Gender ( M – Male or F—Female)  

3. Click on Value Range tab & maintain all the values.

Save & activate the changes.  

4. Now create a table maintenance generator for the table.  

5. Now execute transaction SM30. Enter table name.  

6. Click on Maintain.  

Click on New Entries  

Enter all the details  

Similarly maintain all the entries & press SAVE.

7. Now go to SE16 & check the entries.  

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