Maintaining Dynamic variants in SAP ECC6.0

By Sridhar Madisetty, Satyam computer Services

Scenario: This blog is to explain the creation of Dynamic Variant for report in SAP ECC 6.0.  

Maintaining Dynamic variants in ECC6.0 is different from 4.6 C version.  

Introduction: Dynamic Variants play a vital role for executing the programs in batch mode. For example: Execute the Program RBDMANI2 / RBDAPP01 (To process inbound IDocs) to reprocess the IDocs which have failed during the last ‘X’ days on a regular interval till these are processed.  

To achieve above scenario, Dynamic values need to be calculated for selecting the IDocs from the current date till the date it is intended to process.  

Please find below procedure to define the dynamic variant in ECC6.0  

Step 1:  Go to SE38, Enter the program – RBDAPP01 (Program to process inbound IDocs) and click on execute button.  


Step2: Enter message type “MATMAS” and Click on the save button


Step 3: To create dynamic value for Created on field, Click on Selection variable for “Created On’ Filed

The F4 for the selection variable shows the following options.

T – Table Variable for TVARVC

D – Dynamic data calculation.


Select D – Dynamic data calculation.  

Step 4 : Click on “Name of the Variable (Input only Using F4) column row for the “Created on” field.  

F4 option for the “Name of Variable “prompts to select I/E, Option & Variable Name.  

Choose the variable name as “Current data –xxx,Current data + YYY” and click on ok button.

Following screen prompts to enter the value. Enter “7” for the “a values for xxx” and 0 for “a value for yyy”. As shown in below screen.

Save the variant.


Go back to report selection screen and select variant name as created above.

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