Where-used list for multiple data elements

By Venkatraman N, IBM


This program is mainly used to search more than one field’s availability in transparent, cluster and pool table.

Purpose of this utility program:

This program will be useful in the scenarios like when we know more than one field to be queried and we don’t know which table we have to query and in which table all the fields will be available.

For instance, we know material number (MATNR) and we want to find the corresponding plant (WERKS_D). Through experience we may know that those two fields are available in MARC table. But this program will be useful to find out the tables to people who are inexperienced and who don’t know the tables to be queried.

For the program used in this scenario, click here.

Sample Input & Output:

As the input, if we give data elements instead of field names, we will be able to fetch more number of tables.

Click the complex selection and input the data elements.  


In the above listed table VBKD would be the best table to query, which we can navigate by double clicking and checking the fields


As the result of the above utility program, users will be able to find out the tables for combination of fields easily.

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