Reprocessing of Inbound IDoc’s with Status 62

By Bala Kalyan Chakravarthy Podili, Fujitsu Consulting

Reprocessing of Inbound IDoc’s with Status 62

Reason for getting Inbound IDoc’s with status 62:

Due to server load ALE link gets failed and shows the status message as 62 for STATUS Inbound IDoc’s.

Go through the below mentioned procedure to reprocess the status IDoc’s with status 62:

Note: We can’t directly reprocess the IDoc’s with status 62.First we have to convert the status of Inbound IDoc’s from 62 to 64 using ZRBDCHSTA and later we have to reprocess the Inbound IDoc‘s with status 64 using RBDAPP01.

Run a report ZRBDCHSTA which is Z-report developed by making changes in standard report RBDCHSTA

Difference between ZRBDCHSTA and RBDCHSTA

1.       Commented the statement MESSAGE W318.

2.       Commented the statement DELETE  T_IDOC_CONTROL.

Execute the ZRBDCHSTA program and mention the IDoc details which are status 62.

Execute it after mentioning the details of Status IDoc’s with 62 status.

IDoc’s will be converted from 62 to 64 status after executing the report.

Check in T.code:WE02

Now we have to reprocess these IDoc’s using Standard report RBDAPP01

Execute the report by giving details of IDoc’s with status 64.

After executing the report we can find the successful status for Inbound IDoc‘s as 53 in WE02 transaction.

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