Why we need to use ALE?

By Raghavan

ALE provides for the integration of distributed applications, but why would we distribute applications in the first place? There are several technical and business reasons:

  • System Performance:  The transaction load is too heavy for a single
    SAP system.
  • High Availability Requirements:  The Company cannot afford downtime due to backups, maintenance, upgrades, etc.
  • SAP Release Coordination:  Different units of the organization may require different releases of the SAP software.
  • Very Large Database:  Companies with very large databases may need to distribute the data across multiple SAP systems.
  • Business Structure:  Business units may require independence and autonomy for day-to-day operations, and yet still need to share some data and functionality with other units in the enterprise.
  • Interfacing with non-SAP systems:  The Company may wish to maintain certain applications on non-SAP systems, while at the same time integrate these applications and their data with the SAP system.
  • Keep development system data in sync with production data: An organization may wish to keep the data on a development system the same as on a production system.
  • Maintain configuration and master data across clients: Organizations using multiple clients may wish to maintain certain data on a client-independent basis.

Example of Distribution Scenarios:

Sales and Distribution Scenario

The sales system provides only the logistics data that the warehouse requires to fill an order. Summary information is reported into the central sales information system. All of the data sent references a single order document.


The central purchasing system sends the local purchasing system the data required to carry out an individual transaction.  Summary release statistics are reported to the central purchasing information system. As with SD scenarios, there is a single document reference.

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