Addition of extra fields in COOIS (Order info System)

By Shailaja Ainala, YASH Technologies

The COOIS report (Order Info System) gives the complete information regarding Production Order like header report, Operation report, Component Report, document report.  

This document deals with the addition of extra fields in the output display of COOIS.  

For the demo purpose, I have added the material group (MATKL) for the production order material for header report.  



In the method TABLES_MODIFY_LAY there are many table parameters for different data display of the production order .In this scenario only the header detail structure is being extended with append structure.  

Add the extra fields to be displayed to through append structure to IOHEADER_TAB, here MATKL.  

In the method write the code for updating the field value.  

DATA : BEGIN OF st_matkl,
           matkl TYPE matkl,
           END OF st_matkl.
  DATA : st_header TYPE ioheader.
  LOOP AT ct_ioheader INTO st_header.
    IF NOT st_header IS INITIAL.
      SELECT SINGLE  matkl
             FROM mara
             INTO st_matkl
             WHERE matnr = st_header-matnr.
    st_header-matkl = st_matkl-matkl.
    MODIFY ct_ioheader FROM st_header.
Below is the screen shot with the material group field added :  

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