Addition of custom fields in the transaction QM01 (Quality Notifications)

By Shailaja Reddy, YASH Technologies

Configuration settings in SPRO . 

SPROàQuality managementàNotification àOverview of notification typesà Select the notification & 90 give the customer specific screen area 


Go to function group XQQM ,create the screen under screens tab number 0090. 


Newly added Custom Screen in QM01. 


Declare the screen fields under include tab ZXQQMTOP .

data : dist like qpcd-code,
sal like qpcd-code,
cust like qpcd-code.

Under process on value-request. Create a module for f4 help for the custom fields. 

Under the function module EXIT_SAPMIWO0_008 write the code for updation of custom fields to the structure  viqmel. 

Under PAI create a module for capturing the screen field values. 

Case sy-ucomm.
  when '10\TAB02'.
    viqmel-cust = cust.
    viqmel-dist = dist.
    viqmel-sal = sal.

For QM02 and QM03use EXIT_SAPMIWO0_008 for display of the screen field values.

Under the PBO of the screen create a module for fields to be in display mode. 

if sy-tcode = 'QM03'.
  loop at screen.
    if sy-ucomm = '10\TAB02'.
      screen-input = 0.
      modify screen.

Screen with custom fields in QM03. 

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