Test User-exit without creating a project

By Joyjit Ghosh, IBM India

This tip will show us how to test user-exit from SMOD without creating any project. 

Go to SMOD and check the enhancement. 

For example, here we are checking the enhancement SEUED001. Now press Test button.   

Now put the cursor on an exit FM and press select component button.


Now create the include program.

Insert a break point in it.

Now go back to the test screen and press activate  button.


It will activate the enhancement without creating any project.


Now press the execute button  and enter the transaction for which this user exit may trigger. 


As shown below user exit is triggered from SE38.


After the testing you should de-activate the exit and delete the include program created above.

Go back to the test screen. And press the Undo activation  button.

You will get the following message


Now delete the include program created earlier. Press the Delete Test Objects  button 

In the next popup select the include program and press ok button.

Now press Yes button


It will display the following message


Now to crosscheck whether the include program is really deleted or not, select the exit and again press  button. And in the next screen double click on the include name and then press enter.

It will display the pop up which confirms that include program does not exist.

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