Accessing the inaccessible internal tables in User exits

By Aboli Kshirsagar, T-systems India

Sometimes we need to access internal tables, which are not accessible directly inside a userexit. Such internal tables can be accessed in the following way; 

While debugging the user exit, we can check the active call stack and look for the program in which the internal table is accessible. 

For e.g.  We can confirm if the internal table ammerdat is accessible in the userexit  “EXIT_SAPLMGMU_001” in the following way:

(<Program name from call stack>)<Name of the internal table>

For eg. (SAPLMGMU) amerrdat 

In our example, the internal table amerrdat[] is accessible in the program “SAPLMGMU”. 


We can now access the internal table amerrdat[] in the user exit in the following way: 



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