Procedure to delete PU12 interface results

By Piyush Mathur, Tata Consultancy Services

PU12, Payroll Export Interface, is a useful tool for creating payroll export files. This transaction can be used to export both master data and payroll results to a third party system when a company does not wish to run the payroll in house.  

Whenever we execute the PU12 interface its stores the data in PCL2 table under sub table IF,ID.s

This data can be deleted from the cluster table after certain period.  

There are 3 different kind of status indicator are available in PU12 results.  

Specification ‘A’ – This indicator represents the Last Export run, the current export.

Specification ‘P’ – This indicator represents exports that have been replaced by a new record during a retroactive accounting run (re-export). It then becomes the predecessor of the current record.

Specification ‘O’ – This indicator represents those exports which it has been replaced by at least two retroactive accounting runs, so this export is no longer current, nor it is the predecessor of the current record.  

Steps to delete the PU12 exports results:  

PU12 transaction can be used to delete the export results:

Report RPCIFU06 can be use to delete the mass results.  

This report gives the flexibility to delete the required results on the basis of Specification indicator  

After deleting the results, report RPCIFU08 needs to execute to reorganize version management (see note 593139)  

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