Maintain LSMW object from its own transaction

by Joyjit Ghosh, IBM India

Step: 1 

Create a report and insert the code block given below.

Basically from LSMW’s initial screen whenever you press enter or continue button it calls the FM  /SAPDMC/LSM_OBJ_STARTER and there is no authorisation check prior to do this, LSMW only checks for authorisation when you press Administration from GOTO menu using the FM  /SAPDMC/LSM_AUTHORIZATN_CHECK. That means any body can access any object and can do any unwanted change. And it is really hard to track the changes, as LSMW does not have any inbuilt version management. So to avoid this before calling the FM we can do the authorisation check based on certain conditions (not necessary to do authority check, but can be achieved by maintaining parameter ID in the user profile or through maintaining custom table) and by this way we can restrict unwanted user access. 

Step: 2

Create a transaction for the report from SE93.


Now execute the program or the transaction. It will show you the maintenance screen of the LSMW object.

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