Changing the description of the parameters in LSMW

by Sujay

Following is the selection screen that appears during the step “Read data”: 


In order to change the description of the above parameters, do the following: 

On the above selection-screen, click on System -> Status


Following screen appears:


Select the program name from the above screen. 

Now go to transaction SE38 -> Enter the above program name -> Select the radio button “Text elements” and click on Change. 


Select the tab “Selection texts”.


Here we can change the description as per our requirement. For our demo purpose, let us change the description for the parameter P_CNVDAT as shown below:


Save and activate the program. 

Now in LSMW, Execute the step “Read data”. Following screen appears:

Here you can observe the description getting changed.  

Similarly we can also change the texts that appear during the steps “display converted data” and others by changing the “text symbols” in the above mentioned program.

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