How to debug Smart Forms

By Gokul R, Iteanz Technologies

1. Go to your smart form, click on Environment->Function Module Name.

2. You will get a pop-up, in that function module name will be displayed copy that function module number

3. Go to transaction SE37 and paste the generated function module name


4. Click on display, select Attributes tab. In that tab double click on Program Name field


5. Following screen will appear, double click on last include

6. In this include first few lines will be system generated code, followed by our code 

7. If we want to check GV_NO variable and set breakpoint at that variable, give CTRL + F and give that variable name

8. Now execute your smartform, Breakpoint will be triggered & you can debug.


We can search for variable or internal table or objects in that include, set breakpoint & debug it.

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