Adding E-mail title to output type dynamically in form development

By Umesh S Lohar, IBM India

While working on Smart forms, SAP Scripts and Adobe forms, email title in the subject line is the common requirement.  

SAP's documentation is fairly poor on this subject.  This is very simple and functional people can change this as per their requirement through NACE transaction with or without the help of technical people.  

Let’s see how it works:  

We had a requirement where we need Email title in the following form.  

Document number – output type – Description of output type.  

e.g.  6400000010 – ZABC – Common invoice form.  


1. Go to NACE transaction, select required output type and double click on output type.

In General data tab, change program name to ‘SAPMV60A’ (This would be for Billing, as this output type for billing. Each application has different program) and Form routine name as ‘TEXT_SYMBOL_REPLACE’

2. Now you need to add the mail title, To include a text in your Email subject line, you can either enter it in your Output Condition ('Mail title and texts'), or alternatively, in your Output Condition record, Cover Page text field.

Here you can use table VBRK, XVBRK, VBRP and XVBRP as per your requirement.  

3. Once you execute the output through VF03, you can check the mail title in SOST.


Here you will find the document run coming dynamically.  

We can use system fields as it is in the mail title like &sy-datum& etc.

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