Printing Euro symbol ‘€’ using SAP Script and Smart Forms

By Shankar, Wipro

Using SAP Script:

To print Euro Symbol in SAP Script, do the following: 

Put the sequence <156> at the desired location in the text editor of the corresponding page window as shown below:


During the print preview, the output would be as shown below:  

Using Smart Forms

For printing Euro symbol in Smart Form, do the following: 

In the Microsoft Word document, click on Insert -> Symbols


Select the Euro symbol from the list. The symbol would appear on the document. Copy the symbol and paste in the text editor of the Smart form as shown below:


Save and activate the Smart Form and do the test run. The print preview would be as shown below: 


Printing of Euro symbol might not be possible on all Printers. By default, SAP R/3 supports the euro symbol only when using the SAPWIN device type and printing over SAPLPD (mainly used for individual document printing). 

To print this on Kyocera printers, do the following:

“When using PRESCRIBE device types (like kyofs150, kyofs170, zkm10pre) the euro sign will not be printed very beautiful. To print the real Euro sign instead of the combined ( and = character on top of each other) please set the character 156 of the SAP code page 1114 to 80 hex. In this case the Euro sign will be printed correctly. Alternatively please copy the code page 1114 to e.g. 9114 and make the modification there. Then you just have to switch the used code page of your device type (kyofs150, 170 or zkm10pre) to 9114 as well.”  

 Also check the SAP Note 0129581 for more information on this.

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