Check Entries from HR Control Tables - Workflow Customization

By Margaret Geiles, YASH Technologies

When carrying out "Automatic Workflow Customizing" using SWU3, the most common problem faced by the workflow administrators is configuring the entries from HR Control Tables. 


To correct the same, execute the report RHTTCP77. 


Uncheck the checkbox "Test mode, no DB update" and click on Execute. 


Following popup would appear.


Click on "Continue". 


If there are any errors found, it means that the corresponding entries are not found in the table SOBJ. 

Execute the report RHSOBJCH.


Select all the entries and click on Adjust. 


Now try executing "Check entries from HR Control Tables" in the Automatic Workflow Customizing (SWU3). This time the configuration would be complete without any error. 

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