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Differences between a work item and an e-mail

Submitted by Suresh 

Following are the differences between a work item and an e-mail:

  • An email let you know that there is some work to be done, where as a work item brings the work to you.
  • Depending upon how the work item is delivered to the agent, the agent usually has to click on one button or an hyperlink to start working on the data.
  • When an email is sent to multiple people, each person receives a separate copy of the e-mail. After they have read the e-mail, it is up to the person to remove it from their inbox.
  • When a work item is sent to multiple agents, all the agents view the same work item. If one of the agent has executed the work item and performed an action on it, the work item is automatically removed from all the agents inboxes.
  • If a workflow sends an email, it immediately continues to the next step. However, if it generates a work item it will be held up until the work item completes.

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