Rectifying a commonly occurring error during Workflow customization

By Sunitha 

This document focuses on general occurring error during Workflow customizing. The error which is observed in common is “Error within method CL_SWF_ADM_JOB_FACTORY=>GET_INSTANCE->”


Go to transaction SWU3.  

Click on “Schedule Background Job for Deadline Monitoring” and click on Execute. 


Following error occurs: 


To rectify this, SAP has provided a note to rectify this. The SAP note number is 1117735. 

Following is the procedure to rectify this: 

Go to transaction SM30. 

Enter the view name SWFCTASK and click on Maintain.


Now search for the Customizing Object = "CL_SWF_CST_DEADL_SERVICE_JOB" 


In general, two entries are found for this object. 


Click on Delete and delete the entries. 

Now check the workflow customization. The error is no more. 


Alternatively, we can import the following support package for the above correction:




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