List of function modules applicable on a Work item

By Sharath Chandra Panuganti


To get the list of Function modules that are applicable or can be applied for a specific work item (depending on the type and the status of the work item). 

Functionality: (ref to Lib.  Docu.)

The function module “SWW_WI_FEASIBLE_METHODS_GET” determines which type-dependent and/or status-dependent function modules (methods) can be executed on a work item of a given type and status. 


To check the functionality of the above mentioned function module, we would be creating a simple workflow definition and execute the same.

1) Create a new workflow definition (Transaction SWDD).

2) Create a simple user decision.

3) Click on “Transfer and go to graphic”. 

4) Check and activate the work flow.

5) Process the work flow.


6) As seen in the above screenshot, the ID of the work item generated is 600133. 

7) In a report program, write the following code. 


8) For the specified task “600133”, the list of applicable function modules are filled into the internal table T_FMETHODS.

9) Looping this table and printing the list of applicable function modules.

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