Hide and unhide the step types

By Srinivas, Intelligroup

Whenever we try to create a new step, following pop-up screen would up with the list of possible step types: 


In these there might be some steps that we normally don’t use and we can hide them with out appearing on this. Sometimes, there might be some step types which we need but not appearing on the list. For example, Loop (While) is not in the above list. In our demo, we would unhide the step type “Loop(While)” and hide the step type “Form”. To achieve this, do the following: 

In the workflow builder (Transaction: SWDD), select Extras à Options (As shown in the screenshot below):


Following screen appears: 


Select the tab “Hidden Step Types”: 


In this you can see the list of all allowed step types in the workflow. If the check box adjacent to the step type is selected, then that step is hidden in the list. Now let us check the check box adjacent to step “Form” and remove the check adjacent to step “Loop(While)”.



Save the settings. 

Now in the workflow builder, whenever a new step is to be created, following list of step types appear:


In this you can observe that the step “Form” has been hidden and the step type “Loop(While)” is displayed.

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