Import and Export of a workflow definition

By Nihar Ranjan Barik & Sunil Ojha, Capgemini

Export of a Workflow:

We can export workflows as an XML file and import XML files as BPML.

Note: BPML means Business Process Modeling Language.


Click on Graphical Model ® BPML Export (Version 0.4) (To export the workflow definition)

Following pop-up screen would appear, where required file name can be specified:


Note:The above can also be done from menu path

Workflow ® Import/Export ® Export to XML File in the Workflow Builder. 

Importing  the file

Select From the menu Bar Work flow ®Import/Export®Import from XML File


Following popup screen would appear which would facilitate to specify the file to be uploaded.



Note: When exporting a workflow, the following parts in particular cannot be exported according to BPML 0.4:

  • Triggering events

  • WHILE loops

  • Tasks that are referred to in steps

  • Wait steps and event creators

  • Complex conditions

  • Complex data types (for example, structures, object type references)

  • Modeled deadline monitoring

  • Activities with more than one outcome

  • Rules and elements of the organization management that are used as responsible agents.

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