Logical deletion of Work items from SAP inbox

By Sankar

You all might be aware that whenever we select an email in the SAP inbox, we would have the delete option. But, when we select a work item, we wouldn't have the delete option. But how to delete any work item? Check the following procedure:

  • Select the work item in your SAP inbox. Click on Display. 

  • Now select Goto --> Technical work item display

  • Go to Edit --> Change. Following screen appears.

  • To delete the work item, Click on the "Execute" button adjacent to "Logically Delete".
  • Pop-up box appears to confirm the deletion. Press YES.

Important Note: If you are working with a workflow that has many steps, you will have to display the workflow log and select the highest-level (originating) work item to have the "Delete Logically" option available.

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