Mass Deletion of Work items from SAP inbox

By Sathis Kumar R, Quintegra Solutions

This Article is about deleting the mass deletion of work items from the user's Workplace. If you are not an workflow administrator and are looking at deleting the work items one-by-one directly from SAP inbox, click here


Deleting the Work items from the user's workplace based on the Creation Date, Time and Agent.

 Step by Step:  

We can delete the work item based on the Work item ID, Type of the Work item, Status Of the Work item, Creation date, time, the agent and etc.

In our Example we use Creation Date, Time and the Agent as the filtering criteria. Those work items satisfies these criteria only be deleted.  

Tcode for Deleting the Work item is: SWWL  

 Now you can fill the Creation Date, Time and the Agent as shown in the figure below. 


Now execute. It populates the values that satisfy the above criteria.  


Select the work items that want to delete and click the delete icon. 

Now the work items are deleted in your workplace.

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