Password logon no longer possible - too many failed attempts

By Harisumanth, YASH Technologies

Issue: Workflow is not getting triggered even when the event is triggered and event linkage is active. 

Recently, I have met with a scenario wherein the event is successfully triggered by the transaction and also the event linkage with workflow is active, but the workflow hasn’t started. 

Following is the active event linkage of the particular event and workflow.   

We have switched on the event trace (Transaction SWELS) to check for the event and its receiver. From the following screenshot, it is evident that the event is triggered and the receiver workflow (in this case it is WS99900005) is correctly identified.                

Now select the event and click on detail (magnifying glass). 


From the above screenshot, it is understood that the error is “Password logon no longer possible – too many failed attempts”. 

This looks like the issue is with RFC Status. Now we need to verify the RFC destination status in the workflow configuration (Transaction SWU3 – Automatic workflow customization)


From the above screenshot, it is understood that RFC destination is broken. This might be for the following two reasons:

  • Someone might have changed the password of WF-BATCH
  • WF-BATCH might have been locked or deleted.

Here is the process of Synchronize the password in the Workflow customization. – SWU3. 


Click on ‘Execute’.  


If the above process hasn’t worked, check if the user-id WF-BATCH is either locked or deleted.

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