Changing the prefix numbers in a workflow

By Chandrasekhar V, EDS

Every workflow definition is assigned with an 8-digit number with the prefix WS. See the screenshot below:


The first 3 digits in the above 8-digit number is common for all the workflows created in a specific client. Please note that this prefix is not common for all the clients. 

For e.g., If the workflow definition is saved with ‘WS95000052’, then it means that 950 is the Prefix and is common for all the workflow definitions created in that client.  

This tutorial focuses on the procedure to change the prefix as per the requirement.  

Go to transaction ‘SWU3’ (Automatic Workflow Customizing) 


Select ‘Maintain Definition Environment’ and click on expand.

Select ‘Maintain Prefix Numbers’ option & right click on it. Click on ‘Execute Activity’. (See the screenshot below)


It displays the prefix numbers assigned to different clients.


To change the prefix numbers, click on change mode (Ctrl+F1) 

Make a note of all the information like SAP System, Client, & Package before changing.

Select the record to be changed:


Click on delete icon:


Click again on delete. Entire record gets deleted. 

Click on ‘Create’ icon:


Give the Prefix number as ‘953’ (new number) and click on save.

Enter the package name and click on ‘continue’.

Henceforth, all the workflow definitions would have the prefix 953.

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