Configure "Processing can be Rejected" option in a DIALOG Work Item

By Anirban Bhattacharjee, KPIT Cummins and Infosystems

Purpose: This document demonstrates how to configure the "Processing can be Rejected" option in a DIALOG Work Item in Workflow.

Business Scenario: Sometimes, an approver might not want to process a work item at all. This might happen if the approver is not the intended agent or due to organization restructuring, the approvers have changed. In such cases, the approver should not process the work item.

We can then configure the "Processing can be Rejected" in the work item.

Process: The process to set this up is discussed in details below.

First let us look at a work item in SBWP that has been created without configuring this option.

Notice that the "Reject execution" option is disabled. The user has the only option to execute the work item.

Now we will open this work item step in the workflow builder. Navigate to the DETAILS tab

Once this check box is selected, it also creates a new outcome and hence a new branch after this work item step

(Three branches for APPROVE, REJECT and Processing Rejected)

Hence we can call additional tasks that need to be executed when the Processing of the work item is REJECTED.

Save and activate the workflow. Test it via SWUS transaction and navigate to the business workplace (SBWP) to view the workflow inbox.

Now we can see that the Reject Execution option is now highlighted. Click on it to process reject execution of this work item.

This will complete the work item and execute the outcome step "Reject execution".

Conclusion: We configured successfully the REJECT EXECUTION option of a work item and tested it also successfully.

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