Workflow - Deactivating Substitutes Programmatically

By Arghadip Kar, IBM India

This tip focuses on deactivating a substitute programmatically using a function module. To maintain a substitute programmatically, click here

All substitute information is available in the database table HRUS_D2. For our demo purpose, let us consider the following record (substitute for user AKAR): 


As seen in the above status, the value of the field ACTIVE is set as X which means the substitute is active. 

Now let us deactivate the substitute using the function module “SAP_WAPI_SUBSTITUTE_DEACTIVATE”. 

Go to transaction SE37 and enter the function module name. 


Click on Execute. 


Now click on the structure SUBSTITUTED_OBJECT and enter the user name for whom the substitute should be made inactive. 



Now click on the table SUBSTITUTES and enter the substitute username for AKAR (In this case it is GKUMAR2).


Execute the Function module 


Now the ACTIVE field in table HRUS_D2 table is set to blank.

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