Tracking the transport request of a Workflow

By Arghadip Kar, IBM India

We have always a problem that we always tend to forget to which Transport Request our Workflow Template or Standard Task is stored. This is an issue as unlike Reports or any other document the Transport Request is not displayed for Workflow Template from standard transaction or any transaction by giving the Template number.


How to get it?

In SAP everything is a table Entry and we had to find that particular table. After much searching we found the Table E071 that will suffice our requirement. 


Lets check this table from SE16. We know the Standard Task number 99900306 and the Object Type as PDTS. This we have found by doing some trial and error method in this table.

Put PDTS in the field Object Type and 99900306(Standard Task Id) as Object Name.

We got the relevant entry and hence end our much-awaited search.

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