Forwarding alerts as mails (XI / PI)

By Pravesh Sharma, CSC

The objective of this tutorial is to provide a step by step approach of how an alert can be forwarded as an email in SAP PI / XI .  

Reference to configuration of the alerts; i.e . creation of Alert Classification, Alert Category and Alert Rules can be taken from the link :  

We will proceed with the steps following once the alert reaches Alert Inbox in Runtime Workbench.  

Steps to be followed:  

Enter T Code SU01, enter the User ID and goto Display. Under the Address tab, assign the Email Id of the recipient of the alert.  

Enter T Code SCOT for SAP Connect Administration and click on SMTP under INT  

Enter the description under General Information. Enter the details like IP address of your Mail Host, Mail Port and Code Page  

Under Supported address types, select the check box Internet and click on Set push button next to it. Enter your domain in the Address area as *XYZ.COM, as shown in the below snap shot. Click on continue.


Now Goto Settingsà Default domain and enter your default domain over here.


This completes our configuration in SCOT Transaction.  

Goto Alert Inbox in Runtime Workbench and click on Personalization tab and under the Time-Independent Delivery, select the check box Mail.  


Now when an error message is generated in XI, an Alert will be triggered in Alert Inbox.  


Enter T Code SOST and under tab Send Status, check all sent request sent via Internet to the Email server.  


Finally if the entire configurations are done accurately, the alert will be forwarded to the Email address maintained in SU01.  


This completes the activity of configuring SAP PI / XI to forward generated alerts as emails.

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