Date mapping logic to convert date to dd-MON-yyyy format in PI/XI

By Deepak Shah, L&T Infotech

Many databases (e.g. Oracle) accept date in dd-MON-yyyy format. If they don’t receive date in this format then an exception is triggered. This cannot be achieved using standard date transformation function available. Following mapping logic will help in converting date from yyyy-MM-dd to dd-MON-yyyy format.  

The ‘if condition’ checks if the source date field in not blank or zero. If source date field comes blank then blank value is passed to target.  

The substring (0...4) function will filter out ‘year’ part from input date.  

Substring (5..7) filters out month part from the input string and then gets equivalent month in “MON” format which is defined in fix value function shown below.  


Substring (8...10) function filters the day from the input date string.  

Example: Testing the Message mapping in test tab.  

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