Activities for Production Support and Maintenance projects in SAP PI/XI

By Pravesh Sharma, CSC India

While working in a Production Support and Maintenance project, we have to perform a series of day to day activities as a responsibility of an SAP PI / XI consultant. Here, I would like to list a series of steps that may be useful to monitor the PI / XI Production server.

J2EE Engine side monitoring:

1.       Enter the URL for all the instances of your Production Server    http://<hostname>:5<sys#>00/rep/start/index.jsp

Make sure that these links are responding.

2.       Go to Runtime Workbench (RWB) using URL http://<hostname>:5<sys#>00/rwb
and perform the following:
a) Click on Component Monitoring and then click on display and then to Monitor   your Adapter engine click on Adapter Engine.
b) In Adapter Engine Monitoring, monitor the adapter with errors.
c) After doing this monitoring activity click on Message Monitoring.
d) To do this click on Message Monitoring Tab.
e) Now choose free entry from start/end date combo Box and then choose the    status of messages that were processed by Adapter engine.
f) Check the messages for To be delivered state.
g) Check the messages for Delivering state.
h) Check the messages for All containing error state.
i) Use filter in this monitor page if needed.

Once done with all of the above activities means we are done with J2EE Engine side Monitoring.

ABAP side monitoring:

1.     Use SXMB_MONI. Transaction to monitor the messages which are processed through the entire XI pipeline that is Integration Server.

2.     Use SXMB_MONI_BPE Transaction to monitor the messages which are processed by BPE (Business Process Engine).

3.     Use SM37 to check the Job status.

4.     Use SMQR Transaction for monitoring the XI Run Time queues (I/B, O/B Queues).

5.     Use SMQ1 Transaction for monitoring the XI Run Time queues (O/B Queues).

6.     Use SMQ2 Transaction for monitoring the XI Run Time queues (I/B Queues).

7.     Use SLDCHECK to check SLD Connection. If there are any red entries then report it to SAP Basis Team.

8.     Run transaction SM21 (Read System Log) on the XI server to look for error messages around the time you got the error.

9.     Check the all instances of your Production Server are running fine.
To check this, use SM51 transaction. All instances should be in active state

       Now we are done with ABAP side Monitoring.      

  • Check the log and Traces file

  • Check the URL for server monitoring


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