How to enable the log to track the SQL statement in XI

By Praveen Kumar Chakilam, Infosys Technologies

In the DB scenarios we need to INSERT /UPDATE/SELECT/DELETE the data to/from a table using JDBC receiver adapter. The JDBC receiver message structure is standard /predefined in order to form the SQL statement by the JDBC adapter.

The native SQL statement will be formed in JDBC adapter level at the runtime and will passed the same to the DB. The SQL statement is not logged anywhere in the runtime with default settings.

In some requirements we need to trace the runtime SQL statement in order to make sure that adapter is forming correct SQL statement before sending the data to JDBC processor. For that we need to enable the trace/log at communication channel. The following settings are required to enable the log, as shown in the below figure.

JDBC Receiver Adapter->Advanced tab->Check Advanced Mode-> in the Additional Parameters section, enter “logSQLStatment” and its corresponding value “true”

Now you can trace runtime SQL statement formed by adapter in the Communication Channel Monitoring -> Audit log as shown in the below figure.

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