Resolving the Error- ‘Unable to read Software Component Versions from SLD’

By Sarang Kahu

After creation Software Component and its version in System Landscape Directory (SLD), we need to import that in Integration Repository (IR) so that objects can be developed. 

We do this in IR as Tools - Transfer from System Landscape Directory - Import Software Component Versions. 

But while importing, it gives out above-mentioned error. Following is the checklist to resolve the error.

  • Use t-code SLDCHECK on ABAP stack to confirm the connection of XI system and SLD.

  • Check whether SLD and XI system are on same server. Refer to OSS note - 720717 to integrate XI with other SLD.

  • In the Integration Builder page, Click on the Administration and check the following parameters to make sure they are pointing to right SLD system and port.





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