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Bookmarks allow in navigating and code editing. There are 9 numbered bookmarks provided by SAP® and unlimited unnumbered bookmarks. Bookmarks could be accessed by the right click of the mouse in the Indicator Margin (The complete left portion of the ABAPTM editor).

To set a bookmark, right click on the Indicative Margin, click on Bookmarks --> Bookmark 0 (Bookmarks are numbered 0 to 9). A Blue flag with the bookmark number would appear on the Indicative Margin.

To navigate to any bookmark marked earlier, right click on the Indicative Margin, Go to Bookmark --> Bookmark 0.

Code Hints

Code hints appear as you type in ABAPTM editor. For example, if you start typing for Parameters, following occurs:

  • When typed P, nothing appears.
  • When typed PA, code hint PACK appears.
  • When typed PAR, code hint PARAMETERS appears.

Press TAB to choose the given code hint.

Changing the Font and Colors of coding environment

Click on , available at the right side bottom of the editor. Click on “Fonts and Colors” on the left side of the window that is appeared after clicking. From here, we can set different colors and fonts for different elements on the editor. 

Window Splitter

The window splitter allows you to work on different parts of the code simultaneously.

The window could be set to splitter mode by double clicking the splitter line above the vertical scrollbar (shown below).

The split screen is seen as below:

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